Creative Writing

Lea Sakran,  text writer, director and author of various plays is looking for new approaches to writing. Her attempt is to find new ways of how to evolve in the process of writing. She is asking herself how to break with writing habits and patterns and open up to  perceive to new writing rhythms and melodies. Lea Sakran has developed a course concept which she herself will hold. She is looking forward to starting her course with a group of enthusiastic writers to discover new territories and to hear  new scales of the written language.

Lea Sakran

Course description:

Creative Writing - the bridge leading us to a new and exiting way of reading. Anybody who is interested can join. The course participants meet once a month and explore different options in the process of creative writing - an enriching and fun experiment with language! "We are passionate discoverers; on our expeditions we don't sail around the cliffs, but climb up to the peak and enjoy the colourful panorama of written language."

Course information:

The course is held once a month. The course cycle is six month = six times. It is also possible to join the course during the semester; the payment is adjusted to the time of joining. If the course participants do not take part on certain course evenings, the course costs of individual course evenings cannot be refunded.

Tuesday 17. January '12 Bibliothek Gundeldingen

from 19.30 - 21.30pm

It is also possible to join during the semester



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